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Psychic Safari
In her new radio show, Psychic Safari with Sydney, she guides her callers as they embark on their journey towards a greater understanding of themselves and the world around them. The callers can ask Sydney for advice on a variety of life's concerns such as: romantic relationships, career matters, and how to connect to a loved one who has passed on. Psychic Safari can be found at

Titanium Technologies
Titanium Technologies is a technology solutions company that offers a wide range of services to any size organization. Using their knowledge and experience from over 25+ years in the technology industry, Titanium Technologies designs solutions that can propel your business far into the future. Titanium Technologies is client focused, and takes your project and your business personally, making your success their success. Another side of Titanium Technologies is their dedication to the small business and home user. Taking the time to explain options and solutions in plain English has been a major cornerstone to their success in this area. Along with engineering solutions, Titanium Technologies offers services such as networking and infrastructure, systems and servers, internet technologies, website development, e-commerce systems development, training, desktop and user support, mobile systems support, domain hosting, and many more.
Titanium Technologies... Architecting Advanced Technology Solutions Beyond Tomorrow.
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Wiser Design
If you are looking for the most talented and creative company for all of your marketing and business needs, Wiser Design is the place. They are your one stop shop for just about any business related item you will require. Wiser Design handles everything: from marketing materials to corporate identity design; from graphic design to printing; and from document reproduction to full service publishing. Wiser Design can be found at

The My Soul Speaks Project
If you were interested in learning more about the My Soul Speaks Project, and you didn't see the link, you can go there with