Sacred Scribes brings the sacred to the world through all forms of media. We are dedicated to anchoring the sacred inner voice or Soul expression into form. Connecting and expressing this higher level of consciousness uplifts, inspires and expresses the very best of the potential and possibilities of the human Spirit. We embrace the premise that there is always another way, another higher perspective, from which to resolve the complex challenges in ourselves, our communities and the nations of the world.

Sacred Scribes Publishing works with authors whose visions enhance, demonstrate, and support others to understand and embrace values that ennoble humanity. Sacred Scribes Publishing is predicated on values of shared power, respect toward self and others, flexible structures, and joy of the process. The alignment of these values forms the foundation of the principles by which we operate as a company. We believe in, and are striving at all times, to live the alignment between Soul, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. We welcome those who resonate with our philosophy.